QuickPlay 4.2.2 is released

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QuickPlay 4.2.2 is released

Post by butter100fly » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:03 pm

Hi all

Another minor update, the main point of this release is to update the QuickPlay Multiloader (CD/DVD compressed mounter/runner that can pass pretty much any disc-related thing to any emulator) to work with the latest Daemon Tools 10.6. I'm really warming to DT these days and its pretty necessary to using QuickPlay with discs now - you do still have to remember to say no to the adware as you install it, but DT's 'adverts' have been very minor, and where I thought they were cynically changing the command line very often to try and force free users to pay up, it seems that actually they've been building quite a large number of options up: see http://daemon-help.com/additionally/command/

But even though there's options to have DT make its own drive each time (which we used to use a bit) I am still sticking to asking you guys to put up with pre-installing a K:\ drive as a SCSI drive in DT prior to using QuickPlay (I also have an option for you to make that any drive letter you want), its really fast now to mount if you do it that way, really impressive...i'll write up instructions for setting up DT with QP on the wiki

I'm using the zip functionality of DT in the RetroArch efind (the update for which I'll release any day now), but I did find a bug in DTs dealing of zips a while back (it would choose its own folder name for some operation and break what you were doing) and I need to check if that's been fixed, so its zip mounting is limited for now.

Please keep tuned for a rather more major update any day now (if you care about MAME or RetroArch)
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Re: QuickPlay 4.2.2 is released

Post by jaw970 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:32 pm

Thanks for continuing to develop QP. I love the frontend and have been using it for a very long time. It's quite a versatile front end.

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