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Screenshot viewing problem

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:48 pm
by pycur
I hope I found the correct main topic for it.
I only have a small problem:
I can set a directory in media panel options where to find the screenshots for the roms. It works with thumbnail and slideshow mode, but a setting checkbox says a slide control bar can be enabled, bit it is not shown anywhere in the window.
I can enable slideshow, and it works automatically, but i can't slide it to the next image by hand.
And also thumbnail view works, but the zoomed in image will not fill up the separated space, only shows as 100% size. Slideshow view fills up the place with every single image.
So, can somebody help me how to make the image slider manual changer work?
Thank you for this awesome gui!

Re: Screenshot viewing problem

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:23 am
by butter100fly
Hi pycur, welcome to the forums
a setting checkbox says a slide control bar can be enabled, bit it is not shown anywhere in the window
I've never seen any reference to a slider for the screenshots, where is this setting checkbox can you post a picture? If I can't track down any existing code it will be a new feature request
the zoomed in image will not fill up the separated space, only shows as 100% size
I think I get what you mean, you mean if there is only one thumbnail image, it should fill up all the available space of the media panel. That bugs me too, but things can get complex because what happens when there are 2,3,4 images - should they also stretch to fill up the available space? In what ways would three images stretch? This sort of stuff is trivial with a css-based frontend but harder here...again its a feature request, what do you think should happen if there are >1 images? Could a first step be to just fill the panel if there's only a single image? (so if there's two it will still look as it does right now?)

Re: Screenshot viewing problem

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:32 pm
by pycur
Hi again!

Thank you for the reply.
Here is the picture what I'm talking about: ... JqGagA.jpg

I thought that checkbox enables a slider for the pictures, but nothing happens for me. At least I should be able to change big images by clicking on them in slideshow mode without (or and) timer enabled.
And you say, filling up the space by images should be a feature request?

The sliding pictures mode will fill up the space, one by one automatically, that's ok. But in thumb mode,there are the thumbs, that's ok too, and i double click on an image to view it in bigger size, but it will only shown as 100% size, or shrinked to fit in if bigger than the the aligned space.
So there is literally one image at that time to fill the space. Can you make it that clicked image to fill up the space?

I use 1 folder for the images, named game.gbatitle.png, game.gbascreen.png and game.gbabox.jpg and so on for back and cart images, and for each type of roms. Changing it to separated folders and add them in the media panel just results in tabs with the folders, but the only option to change the view is to click on the tabs name. Mame would change the tabs on single click on the picture. That's what I'm missing. I would not need to change the tabs, but changing the pics by a single click would be a comfortable feature, beside of double click on every move.

Thank you!

Re: Screenshot viewing problem

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:07 pm
by butter100fly
Well, its your lucky day: there already was back and next buttons for the screenshots, they were not working because an image panel had been chosen for each but an image hadn't been loaded. So I made them work. One problem was that It looked really awkward when you press one of them and the timer was still active, so I figured the best thing to do was disable the timer if you click back or next: it makes sense because that means you want to stop and view a particular image or go back and forward yourself.

And I've made the image fill the media panel as you said, in the two cases we discussed: when there is only one thumbnail for an asset, and when you click on one of the thumbnails. It was trivial.

I'll release these changes with the next release, which is nearly ready: in it I fix the RetroArch efinds (I went through every single system on two computers and found some things to correct), and I've discovered a bug in the MAME softlists. Soon as I fix that bug i'll release

On your other request: clicking the content of media panel tabs can't progress to the next tab, because there are already various things that clicking in the content of tabs do. We've just discussed one of them: clicking in a thumbnail tabs's content makes the image you clicked on fullscreen. Similarly, clicking on a .pdf in an 'Extras' tab will open it with the default application. And so on....I get what you want and i'll think on it, in the meantime if you use a joypad with QuickPlay you'll find button 2 will progress the tabs if you've highlighted the media panel

hope that helps

Re: Screenshot viewing problem

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:48 pm
by pycur
Thank you for your kind reply.
I can't wait to test it myself. :)

And about the mame style tab changing by clicking was only a similarity tip to see what was I'm thinking about, not a side request.
But you already implemented the picture changing, so it's not relevant.

Thank you again!