NonMame Arcade Romdatas

You can download these and tweak them to work for you
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NonMame Arcade Romdatas

Post by butter100fly » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:34 am

NonMAME arcade Romdatas for QuickPlay
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What's this?
MAME is the big-boy in arcade emulation, but there are other arcade emulators out there, and its a fascinating journey to experience them. In many cases the games can be made to look and play better than in MAME, or at least have plenty of different options

Why are you posting this now?
These used to live at the old quickplay forums, and I only just got around to sorting them out to repost them. Some of them require updating (FBA for instance is form 2011) but its a good start. At the time these were made Logiqx kept up a good way of supplementing MAME roms with the specific emulator roms for these emus, but he's long since stopped posting updates, so ignore any advice relating to those and change all paths to your rom location

Why would I want these?
If you install any other arcade emulator, these packs include icos and screenshots for things not in MAME and they go with the romdata files. Full instructions included - see the readme in each folder

TL:DR please!
QuickPlay's EFIND will find the emulator (although Elsemi liked to call his emulators "emulator.exe", so you have to rename his ones to what they actually are eg: Nebula.exe or M2.exe. You put the romdata in some folder in your romdata folder, and setup the screenshots etc in the Media panel, and the icos in the rom sidebar. Then all you need is a quick replace-all in the romdata with your favourite text editor to change the path's of the roms to your actual path. Go play games...

Anything else to think about?
Be great if anyone wanted to help me update FBA, Raine or Winkawaks to their latest versions...
NonMAME arcade romdatas_v1.0.7z
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